Visiting audit firm RSM Makedonija DOOEL Skopje

A visit to the audit company RSM Makedonija DOOEL Skopje was made on April 18th 2018. The meeting was attended by the President of the Council – Premtim Iseni, the coordinator of the working service – Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova and the associate – Svetlana Gjorgjievska.

The certified auditors Stojan Jordanov, Mile Ninevski and Ljubica Evtimovska, introduced the representatives of the Council with the organizational setup of the company. They welcomed the amends to the Audit Law, which unleashed the process of taking the exam to gain an auditor title, which is of exceptional importance for the creation of new staff in the audit profession. At the meeting, the need for the adoption of a Tariffbook for establishing minimum prices was emphasized, which would be the most appropriate solution for overcoming the problem of the reduced prices of the audit services. Regarding the existence of multiple regulators for related professions, they consider that this way of functioning is ineffective. In that regard, it is positive that the draft amendments to the Audit Law increase the competence of the Council for the Advancement and Oversight of the Audit of the Republic of North Macedonia in the conduct of the oversight and accounting profession, i.e. the two related professions would be regulated.