Visiting audit firm BDO DOO Skopje

On April 18th 2019, a visit to the audit company BDO DOO Skopje was made. The meeting was attended by the President of the Council – Premtim Iseni, the coordinator of the working service – Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova and the associate – Svetlana Gjorgjievska.

The certified auditor Dragan Dimitrov, who is also chairman of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia, supported the initiative of the Council for conducting visits to the audit companies. He also stressed that the intensified and deepened cooperation between the ICARM and the regulatory body in the past period contributes to the advancement of the audit profession. It pointed out that the legal entities that do not have the obligation to conduct audit of the financial statements are increasingly demanding contractual audits, due to the benefits that a company’s management has from the audited financial statements. By locating the problems faced by the audit companies and finding solutions to overcome them, the Council for the Advancement and Oversight of the Audit of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia with joint activities can build a better and efficient market of audit services.