Visiting audit firm KPMG Macedonia DOO Skopje

The Council for advancement and oversight of the audit of the Republic of Macedonia continued with its activities, i.e. the visits of audit firms and certified auditors – sole proprietors.

On April 3rd 2019, Premtim Iseni – the president of the Council, Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova – coordinator of the working services of the Council, Svetlana Gjorgievska – associate, and d-r Ilija Andovski – member of the Council, visited the audit company KPMG Macedonia DOO Skopje. Representatives of KPMG Macedonia, Gordana Nikushevska, Srgjan Rangjelovic and Igor Mitevski welcomed the way the Council works, its transparency and openness to cooperation. Some issues that are important for the audit were discussed, primarily with regard to the cost of performing the audit, which ultimately determines the quality of the audit opinions. They also stressed that the education of the wider public is of great significance and benefit for the audit profession, as well as the involvement of the concerned institutions that regulate this issue.