Working meeting with the Ministry of Finance

On 18.01.2018 a working meeting was held at the premises of the Ministry of Finance, attended by: Acting President of the Council Premim Iseni, member of the Council Darko Blazevski and part of the employees in the working professional service of the Council, the President of the ICARM, Borislav Atanasovski and members of the Board of Directors of the Institute and representatives of the Ministry of Finance.

The meeting was in function of reviewing the draft amendments and supplements to the Law on Auditing, ie finding the most appropriate joint decisions regarding certain provisions of the existing Law on Audit which in the past period were partial or complete inapplicable.

The representatives of the Council and the representatives of the ICARM gave concrete remarks and suggestions after the submitted proposal for amendments to the Law on Audit. Since each proposal was properly argued, and in order to find the most appropriate solution by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the general satisfaction of the attendees was accepted.

Such meetings were assessed as quite constructive and it was agreed in the future for each issue that is of interest for the development and promotion of the profession to be considered at jointly organized working meetings.