Meeting with the World Bank

On December 19th 2017 at the premises of the Council a meeting was held between the President of the Council, Premim Iseni and Representatives of the World Bank’s Center for Financial Reporting Reform, Kalina Shukarova and Abbas Hasan Kazilbash. At the meeting was discussed the draft amendments to the Law on Audit, which were prepared jointly with the Institute of Certified Auditors and members of the Council, and they were fully supported by representatives of the World Bank. The President urged that the Council to get support for future projects, as well as to organize a round table on which there will be a public debate regarding the preparation of a new Draft Law on Auditing or drafting new proposals for amending the already existing law on audit. During the discussion, the issue of membership of the Council at IFIAR (International Independent Auditors Regulatory Forum) was opened and ways of financing the membership in it.