Visiting audit firm Rafajlovski revizja DOO Skopje

The President of the Council – Premtim Iseni, the coordinator of the working service – Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova and the associate – Svetlana Gjorgjievska on April 22nd 2019 visited the auditing company Rafajlovski revizja DOO Skopje.

At the working meeting, the certified auditors Vera Rafajlovska and Jasmina Rafajlovska gave their views on the direction in which the audit profession should move, emphasizing the problems they face in their day-to-day operations. Considering that the audit is a dynamic profession, they think it should be more open in the exchange of experiences with other countries. They emphasized the need for translation of international auditing standards and international financial reporting standards with a reasonable timeframe for their implementation. Also, a discussion about the exam for acquiring an auditor title was opened, i.e. investing efforts for its verification in Europe and broader. Representatives of the audit company expressed readiness for further cooperation with the ultimate goal of advancing the profession. The idea of ​​the Council for holding an international conference with the presence of eminent lecturers – experts in the field of quality control was especially welcomed.