Visiting audit firm Moore Stephens DOO Skopje

The Council for advancement and oversight of the audit of the Republic of North Macedonia, continued with the activity, and on April 4th 2019 the president of the Council – Premtim Iseni, coordinator of the working service – Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova, the associate Svetlana Gjorgjievska and the Council’s member – Aneta Trajanoska, visited the audit company Moore Stephens Skopje DOO Skopje.

The Representatives from Moore Stephens DOO Skopje, Antonio Veljanov and Goce Hristov give its own views on the direction in which the audit and accounting profession should move, emphasizing the key differences and the points in which the two professions are intertwined. They emphasized the importance, the role and the need to deepen the cooperation with the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia, in order to increase the data base on issues related to the persons performing the audit. Goce Hristov, in his capacity as Chairman of the Commission for Quality Control of Audit Services at the Institute of certified auditors of the Republic of Macedonia, gave an exhaustive explanation on the way the Commission worked, as well as the problems they face. Also, a digression of the development of the quality control was made and proposals were made for the changes in the Audit Law, in order to harmonize the Macedonian legislation with the 8th EU Directive.