Visit to the audit company “B&Lj” and a visit to the certified auditor – sole proprietor “TP Revizija Chuleva”

The Council continued with the implementation of the Plan of visits of the audit companies and certified auditors – sole proprietors in accordance with the Annual Work Program of the Council for 2019.

On June 17th 2019, the President of the Council, Premtim Iseni, and the Coordinator of the professional service of the Council, Dafina Taleva Hadzi-Vaskova, held two meetings with managers of legal entities that perform auditing activities.

At the premises of the audit company “Audit, assessment and financial consulting B&Lj, Boro and Ljupco DOO – Skopje, a meeting was held with the managers Boro Atanasovski and Ljupco Pecov. The meeting identified the problems they faced during the operation and were presented proposals regarding the improvement of the manner and procedures for performing quality control by the controllers of ICARM.

At the meeting held in the premises of the Certified Auditor – sole proprietor “TP Revizija Chuleva”, the President of the Council was informed about the work of the certified auditor Sonja Chuleva and her views regarding the manner of facilitating and improving the work of the certified auditors.