The President of the Council, Aleksandar Naumoski, on February 23RD 2024, in the Council’s premises, held a working meeting with the representatives of the World Bank team of the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR), as part of the World Bank ROSC Accounting and Auditing (ROSC A&A) assessment mission in Skopje.

The mission was led by Mr. Garik Sergeyan, Senior Financial Management Specialist, and included Mr. Pascal Frerejacque, Mrs. Svetlana Platon, and Prof. Atanasko Atanasovski, the World Bank consultants.

The ROSC A&A assessment, conducted under the regional REPARIS for SMEs program, reviews the country’s institutional framework for financial reporting and auditing for the corporate sector, and the country’s compliance with the relevant provisions of the EU Acquis Communautaire on corporate financial reporting and auditing, as well as with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. It also assesses the corporate sector accounting and auditing current practices and perceptions on the quality of financial information by users of financial statements.

The topics discussed during the meeting covered several aspects of the audit quality control, including the competences of the Council related to the performance of the Quality Control of the audits of Public Interest Entitles, licensing of certified auditors, maintaining a register of auditors, continuous professional development of auditors, with an emphasis on promotion of the audit profession among young students. As a concrete participation of the Council, President Naumoski emphasized that direct and continuous communication with the representatives of the World Bank in Skopje and with the CFRR is also necessary.

In order to optimally prepare the mentioned The ROSC A&A assessment, the professional service of the Council made a presentation of the analysis of the audit situation of the Republic of North Macedonia, through introduced new methods with tabular analyzes and reviews of performed quality controls provided by the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of North Macedonia .