The Council at the Plenary Meeting of the IFIAR

From 17.04.2018 to 19.04.2018 a representative from the Council, prof. PhD. Zorica Bozhinovska Lazarevska and one representative from the Council’s professional working service attend the Plenary Meeting of the International Forum of Independent Auditors Regulators Forum (IFIAR), held in Ottawa, Canada.

The purpose of this event is to enhance the cooperation between the IFIAR Regulatory Audit Authority and the Council for the Advancement and Oversight of the Audit of the Republic of Macedonia through participation in the IFIAR Plenary Meeting. As participants in the plenary session of the IFIAR, experts outside the audit profession, directors of the 6 largest audit firms, IFIAR Investor Investing Group members, as well as representatives of international bodies for the establishment of accounting and auditing standards are announced.