Bilateral Screening, Acquis meeting with North Macedonia, within the framework of Chapter 6 – Company Law

On 27.11.2023, the employees of the Council’s professional service, Zarko Kamcev – Head of Directorate, Vlado Mitev – Advisor for international cooperation and development and Marija Kuzmanov – Licensing Advisor, participated in Bilateral Screening, Acquis meeting with North Macedonia, in under Chapter 6 – Company Law, organized by the Secretariat for European Affairs (SEP) and the Commissariat for Enlargement (DG Near) of the European Commission, in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.

The meeting was chaired by Mark Jorna from DG Near, co-chaired by the Macedonian side of the Deputy Chief Negotiator Mrs. Drita Abdiu-Khalili from Secretariat for European affairs, with the presence of the representative of the European Delegation in Skopje, Konstantin Jovanovski.

The representatives of the Professional service of the Council had their presentation through a presentation in a unified format in Macedonian and English and in which the activities of the Council are presented, within the framework of the current Audit Law.

As a priority (first conclusion) of the Council, the adoption of the new Audit Law, which, with the application of the Directive and Regulation of the EU on Audit, quality control of PIE would pass to the competence of the Council, has been set.


As a second conclusion, and considering the fact that every candidate country has the right to request membership in the EU bodies, regardless of whether it is a full member of the EU or not, and tied to the future activities of the Council, the delegation used the opportunity, at this stage of Bilateral screening for Chapter 06 – Company Law, to ask the Council as a regulator to receive support for participation (as an observer until full membership in the EU) in the Committee of European Auditing Oversight Bodies (CEAOB).