Visiting audit firm Audit Macedonia DOO Skopje

The President of the Council – Premtim Iseni, the coordinator of the working service – Dafina Taleva Hadzi Vaskova and the associate – Svetlana Gjorgjievska on April 23rd 2019 visited the audit company Audit Macedonia DOO Skopje.

The working meeting was attended by Kiril Andonovski and the certified auditors Dimitar Andonovski and Elena Adamova. A discussion about the revenues of the audit companies in the past years has been opened and specific ideas have been given about the possibility of expanding the market, emphasizing the benefits from the same at the state level. Also, the scope of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia was expanded. Dimitar Andonovski, a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia, pointed out that the disciplinary measures of the audit companies are too rigid and they should be prescribed according to the severity of the violation. It is also necessary to anticipate the possibility of an appeal against the pronounced Decisions on disciplinary measures by an independent body.