The Council at a workshop in Vienna

Representatives from the Council, Premtim Iseni, the President of the Council and a representative from the professional working service of the Council, took part in a workshop in the World Bank – Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (WB-CFRR, Advancing Accounting and Auditing Regulation: “Improving Compliance through Better Enforcement and Adequate Requirements for Non-Financial Reporting”).

The workshop was attended by representatives from 6 countries participating in the so-called. REPARIS program of the World Bank: Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina with two representative countries (Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska). In the part of the plenary discussions, representatives of the countries of the so-called STAREP took part in the program of the World Bank (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan).

The main topics at the workshop were the overall aspect of non-financial reporting for companies (as an integral part of the audit report) and reporting by oversight bodies with particular emphasis on quality control. The presentations and discussions conducted by all the participants of the workshop referred to a different principle of implementation of quality control, which resulted in the need for amendments to the legal regulations in the national legislation and their alignment with the acquis communautaire.

Representatives of CFRR Vienna also presented a new program – “PULSAR” (financed by the Swiss Government and the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where besides the so-called REPARIS countries will participate the Republic of Croatia), and organized primarily for strengthening of internal organizations and the necessary capacity of regulatory bodies in the region, using the so-called Regional and national principle of project financing.